IFD District and Union Update January 11, 2016

[upme_private] Below are some updates from the past couple weeks.

• Dues: There was an issue with city payroll in regards to everyone’s union dues. City payroll made the increase in dues effective on the last pay in December. This should not have taken place until January. This means every member paid an extra $4.23. We have discussed ways to correct this and have come up with two options. Option one is to give everyone a refund of $4.23. Option two is to put the extra amount in building fund and apply it to the principal. Both options will be discussed and voted on at the next union meeting, next Tuesday 1/19/16 @ 7pm and Wednesday 1/20/16 @ 9am.

• HSA Deductions: There was another issue with city payroll. This only affects members who have an HSA account and those members who have elected to have money deducted from their check to go into your HSA account. This did not happen during this last pay which would had been the first deduction. What they are going to do is change the amount of pays your deductions will come out of from 24 pays to 23 pays. For example, if you elected to have a total of $1,200 deducted from your check for your HSA you should have had $50 taken out of your check ($1200/24=$50). Since the city missed a pay the $1200 will be taken out of 23 pays making this approximately $52.17 taken out of your check ($1200/23=$52.17). If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

• PEHP Deposits: Our $250 plus any vacation days you elected to be put into your PEHP account will be deposited on Friday 2/5/16.

• Contract Survey: We are currently finalizing the contract survey. This should be done and put out later this week. We changed the way the survey will be distributed. Originally it was going to be on the Local’s website. Due to the amount of members who are not registered it was decided to email the link to the survey. When you receive this email, simply click on the link and it will take you directly to the survey. All you have to do is fill it out and click submit. The results will posted on the website after deadline. I encourage everyone to fill out a survey. This is how we know what the membership feels is important.

• Construction Update: Work on the Credit Union is well under way. The foundation has been poured and the steel has begun to go up. As for the Hall, they have almost completed removing the brick to the north-east wall and demolition is well underway in the hall.

• Perfect Attendance/Physical Fitness Checks: These checks are scheduled to go out on Friday 1/15/16.You should have received an email from Kris Harrison outlining what you can expect. If you feel there is an error you should first inquirer with her. If you still feel there is an issue you can request Chief Krebsbach to look into it further.

• Suggestions: Looking forward to the upcoming year, I would like to know if the membership has any suggestions/ideas as to what you would like to see in the coming year. Obviously we have contract negotiations and the construction going on at the hall, but is there anything you would like to see from me? I have some plans of my own but want to get your input so I can begin to plan this upcoming busy year.

• Good and Welfare: If anyone has anyone or family we need to keep in our thoughts and prayers (and the family doesn’t mind) let me know. Please keep the following people and family in your thoughts and prayers:

Mike Estridge, Greg Thompson (Retired Shift Commander) – wife passed away, family of Michael W. Brown (Retired Ld10)

Tuesday January 19 @ 7pm L416 General Meeting Hall
Wednesday January 20 @ 9am L416 General Meeting Hall
Friday January 29 IFD Awards Banquet Indiana Roof Ballroom

As always feel free to call or email me with any questions.




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