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Applications are now being accepted online for the 2017 Political Training Academy. A link is located below that goes into deeper detail about the course but I have attended it several years ago and it is a very informative class. The course is designed to train IAFF Members on the many facets of either assisting campaigns or actually running for office. This course is more in depth than the short topic courses offered at our various seminars and most of those are included. This is a weeklong course, March 18th through the 24th next year, is just outside of Baltimore. This is a very in depth and “hands on” program that requires more work outside class than is common. Attendees are divided into groups and assume the various roles involved in campaigns that are based on actual elections with interesting circumstances/outcomes. As I said the course is a good bit of work but well worth it. If you are interested and have questions I am happy to discuss my experience with you so feel free to call me.

The link to the information about the course is, (I believe you need to be logged in to the IAFF website to follow the link):


The application process closes in the end of November and the application requires some thought and supporting documentation, (letter from the Local President), so I encourage you not to procrastinate.

Scott A. Williams
Vice President
Indianapolis Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 416
317-262-5161 Office
317-696-7306 Cell[/upme_private]


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