New dates for Information and Special Meeting regarding the Building Project

Brothers and Sisters,

I am sorry to inform you the postcards regarding informational meetings and a Special Meeting for our building project are arriving too late.  They were to be in your mailboxes last week but due to an error with the printer they will begin arriving today and later this week.  Not only did this fail to meet the notice requirements of our Constitution and By-Laws, this robbed our members of the opportunity to have their voice heard on a very important issue. We sincerely apologize and want to assure everyone we will be reviewing our choice of printers going forward.

The ability for our members to direct this organization is of the utmost importance to the entire Executive Board. The vetting of ideas and input received from the membership is the cornerstone of Local 416’s success.

To correct this error, we will be sending out a corrected blue banner card with dates and times of informational meetings and a Special Meeting where the concept of expanding the Union Hall can be discussed. All of our members will have the opportunity to cast a ballot according to their vision of this Union moving forward.

Informational meetings:  August 11th at 6pm and August 12th at 9am.

Special Meetings: September 2nd at 9am & 6pm, September 3rd at 9am & September 4th at 9am.

Secret ballot voting at Hall:

  • Begins Immediately after Special Meeting at 9am on September 2nd.
  • Continues all week during normal business hours.
  • Voting ends Friday, September 4th at 4pm.
  • Counting begins September 4th after the close of voting, all members are welcome and encouraged to come and witness.
  • Results made available via email, web site and Facebook.


Scott A. Williams


Indianapolis Professional Firefighters Union Local 416

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