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As a result of the ongoing situation with the coronavirus, Nationwide has implemented a progressive work-from-home policy that increases social distancing but also still allows me to provide you with extraordinary care. I stand committed to providing you with the service you deserve throughout this challenging time. In order to be available to you, I can schedule phone appointments and virtual meetings through our online appointment system.

Using this system, you can schedule a return phone call from me on a specific date and time. You can also choose to request a virtual meeting which includes the ability to share visual content, provide web site walkthroughs, as well as other features that are not available during a traditional phone call.

I am happy to help with any questions on your account including

  • Contribution Changes
  • Reviewing Your Existing Investment Strategy and Available Options
  • Beneficiary Updates

If you are nearing retirement, I can also help with questions regarding

  • Planning for Retirement
  • Deferring Annual Leave
  • Social Security Questions
  • Consolidating Accounts
  • 457(b) Special Catch Up Contributions




Kevin J. Mitchell, CRC®

Retirement Specialist

Nationwide Retirement Solutions


Cell 317-652-7039  |  Fax 888-807-6203



Internal Retirement Resource Group

W 888-401-5272  |  F 866-717-9628



To speak with me about Enrolling, Account Review, Consolidating retirement accounts, ProAccount: Schedule a virtual/telephone appointment:  https://nationwide457deferred.myretirementappt.com




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