MyClinic – New City Health Clinic Information

I have received several questions regarding the new health clinic called MyClinic. Here is the current information we have:

MyClinic Locations

More Information

  • Available for City/County employees, spouses and dependents (ages 6 and up) who are on Anthem CDHP or Advantage CDHP
  • There is no additional cost to employees to be a member of OurHealth Clinic
  • All preventative care visits are free
  • Acute care (non-preventative) visits will only be $25
    • Examples: sprained ankle, simple rash, upper respiratory infection
  • All medications that are preventative are provided free to patients
    • Examples: allergy, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular
    • Non-preventative medications will be $4
  • General lab testing is available at OurHealth and is free to all employees and their families
  • Website:
  • Phone Number for Questions: (866) 434-3255

Important Reference Documents

That’s it for now. As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me or call the Hall.
-District President: Hank Harris – Lieutenant – Squad 10 – A Shift
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