Minutes from January 21st/22nd, 2014 – L416 General Meeting


  • Meeting called to order 1905hrs.
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • MOTION to suspend regular business for swearing in of new officers. Moved by many, seconded by many and approved unanimously.
    • Mark Petro, Pike Trustee, Jeff Hogwood, At-Large-Trustee, Chris Poteet, Wayne Trustee, Ted Waldroup, Vice President, Garrett Hedeem, IEMS Trustee, Scott Williams, Secretary, Mark Roberts, IFD Trustee, Ryan Sexton, Decatur Trustee, Jason Hansman Treasurer, Jon Helrigel, At-Large-Trustee, Kim Lang, Communications and Matt Ervin, At-Large-Trustee were all sworn in to their positions.
  • Roll Call of officers: All officers present.
  • Reading of the previous minutes: MOTION: to dispense made by Mark Roberts, second by Battiato and approved unanimously.

President’s Report:

  • Calendar of events, many recurring and several new events scheduled.
    • Intent of these events is to keep our Union family close.
  • Dr. Bob Smith is being recommended as being placed on retainer under Professional Services line in budget.
    • This will continue and expand our Peer Support work for our members.
  • Fundraising for the Museum does not fall into the category of the recent Indianapolis Star article.
    • Done by Steve Peck who has been doing this type of work for years.
    • Brings in roughly $50-60,000 per year to our Building Fund.
      • The percentage donated well exceeds the groups in the Indianapolis Star article.
  • Met with an accountant and they recommended a full audit of our financials.
    • Recommended to assure where we currently stand as well as to protect both incoming and outgoing Treasurers by providing a fixed point for transfer of authority over the funds.
    • Will likely be fairly expensive but will be a thorough accounting of fiscal standing.
    • As per the Constitution and By-Laws, the Local 416 At-Large-Trustees will still conduct their annual audit.
  • Local 416 has several members running for office:
    • Doug Abernathy, Pike Township Trustee, Keith Smith, Lawrence Township Trustee, Dan Forestal, Randy Frye and Bradford Moulton all running in State Representative races, and Vern Brown, Warren Township Trustee.
    • Pike District has endorsed Doug Abernathy’s run for Pike Trustee and will be working to get him elected.
  • Several Local Officers attending ALTS/HR conference.
    • Wayne Smith running for National Black Firefighters Association President.
      • Election will be held in August of 2014 in the Bahamas.
  • New Board members for the Retired Firefighters:
    • Joe Olofson elected President
    • Bobby Carrol elected Secretary
    • Bobby McGrath will serve as their new Chaplain
  • Indianapolis Union Brother Steve Quick has been elected Regional VP with AFSCME
  • Eastside Fire Museum will be combining with our museum.
    • Primarily Warren Township Fire Department artifacts and history.
    • Will add to the story of fire coverage in Indianapolis
    • Meeting of the two organizations Boards to discuss the transfer of material, including a restored International Harvester that the Warren Township Trustee currently owns.
  • Indianapolis Fire Museum will retain Brian Killelea as Museum Director after his return to work.
    • IFD has been very gracious to allow him to spend his light duty time in this role and he has done a tremendous job of organizing and displaying the history of the fire department.

Vice President:

  • Fitness and PA checks were reissued today, (1/21/14),
  • HSA Deposits that were incorrect are being corrected.
    • Members have coverage.
    • Enrollment issues appear to have caused the problems, including a “check box” that was misleading.
    • Payroll was not correctly notified for some of the newly hired members.
  • Looking into a partnership with the Credit Union.
    • Currently looking at a piece of land on the south west corner of the property, (the “White Castle” lot).
    • Not considering the parking lot across St. Clair, not feasible for their needs.
    • Nothing has been fully decided and recommendations will be brought to the membership for discussion and a full vote.
  • Due to low attendance we will try moving the times for one of our two sessions of the General Meetings.
    • 1st meeting, (Tuesday’s), will continue at 1900
    • 2nd meeting, (Wednesday’s) will move to 0900
    • The intention is to try and increase participation and catch people at a wholly different time of day to see if this is more convenient.
    • Temporary at present to see how the membership responds.


  • Thank you to Mike White for his stewardship over his term and help in the transition.
  • Emerald Society Reverse Raffle rescheduled for May 30th due to weather and IFD Banquet concerns.
  • Discussed the December budget recap.
    • MOTION to pay the bills: Roberts, second by many and approved unanimously.


  • Thank you for the opportunity to represent the membership.
  • Working to become more versed in utilizing the Facebook and Web pages.
    • Considering, upon Pike’s request, adding individual folders on the web page for each District in the members section.

District Reports:


  • The Airport Board has stopped recognizing the Local as a bargaining agent.
  • All efforts to reverse this have failed.
  • As such, some decision needs to be made because the Airport Firefighters are paying a full share for services to the Local but receiving very little in return other than social events.
  • No decision has been made as of yet.
  • This is not an attempt to cast them off, but rather a realistic reassessment of what we can provide them and what would be a fair amount for those interested to pay.

Beech Grove:

  • City County Council has had some odd rumblings and rumors circling about.
  • Assembled a contract committee for this years negotiations.

City of Lawrence:

  • Unexpectedly City is considering negotiating a contract, had expected to be kept under the Evergreen Clause.
  • Numerous challenges, most stemming from finances, that have effected everything from staffing levels to equipment.


  • Contract approved, 1st contract in their history.
    • Working on some issues but has greatly improved morale.
  • Four new hires and working to try and secure a second hiring class.


  • Contract approved, 1st contract in their history as well.
    • Added: move-up pay, 1% raise and increased longevity pay.


  • 1 year anniversary approaching for the passing of Brothers Cody Medley and Tim McCormick.
    • Looking for an area to respectfully honor their memory that ties in with the Firefighter Memorial.
    • Considering a bench to be placed adjacent to the Memorial.
      • Will require fairly significant monetary commitment and has a relatively short window to accomplish.
      • Cost of bench memorial estimated at roughly $30,000.


  • Part of the delay for special checks was due to the delivery method.
    • Checks are delivered between various points by hand and this is believed to have caused a delay due to the inefficiency.
    • MAY at some point see Direct Deposit to avoid this “choke point”.


  • New Administrative Chief, began 1/21/2014
    • Comes from Lake of the Ozarks, MO FD, a small combination department.
    • Doug Abernathy has been endorsed for Trustee’s race in 2014.
    • Will have a PAC meeting for their District immediately following the General Meeting 1/21 and 1/22.
    • Will be in contract negotiations again this year.
    • Looking to hire nine new FF’s in February.
    • New ladder has been ordered and is being built currently.


  • Five candidates going through PERF currently for an anticipated joint academy with Pike.
  • New ladder expected to be delivered at FDIC this year.


  • Five pension bills at the Statehouse this year.
    • None presently directly affect firefighters but are watching diligently to assure that nothing is added to harm our pensions and pension system.
  • There will be hearings this summer to discuss a change from Defined Benefit pensions, (current system), to Defined Contribution pension system, (457k plan).
  • Pressing legislation to optionally provide expanded disability coverage for EMS along the lines of the disability coverage in the fire pension system. (http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2014/bills/senate/61/)
  • Consolidation bill moving forward and is uncertain at this time. (http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2014/bills/house/1229/)
    • Rep. Kirchhofer is working hard with Rep. Frye and Rep. Forestal.
    • Jobs and seniority preserved.
    • Over time the Township government is being choked, fiscally, reminiscent of IFD in the 1990’s when:
      • Budget restraints chipped away at the Department.
      • New radios were purchased and issued with ZERO training and Mike Spalding paid the price.
      • Trustee’s presently have more unsupervised power than any other level of government.

Firefighter of the Month: None nominated.

Good and Welfare:

  • John Noone fighting the return of cancer.

New Business:

  • 2014 Budget presented and discussed. (Copy available)
    • Budget figured using only dues, no other income sources included to be conservative.
    • Similar to 2013 with modest increases except:
      • Building Maintenance increased from $48,000 to $65,000 to accommodate:
        • Air conditioner replacements
        • Window repair/replacements
        • These repairs are known to be necessary
    • Question about the condition of the east side brick wall that is severely deteriorating.
      • Engineer has been consulted and this is a non-load bearing wall and is in fact a fascia.
      • There is no potential danger to the structure of the Hall.
    • Building Fund Assessment
      • Currently fund holds $358,619.74
      • Fund comes from current assessment of $1/month per member.
        • Originally designated to pay mortgage on the property, which has been paid in full.
        • Continued by floor motion at that time to be designated for future renovations and expansions of the building only.
    • Current membership is 1,801 active members and 478 retiree’s for a total membership of 2,279.
    • MOTION to adopt the budget as presented by Ford, seconded by many and approved unanimously.
  • MOTION to move the July General Meeting to July 22nd and 23rd by Hanify, second by Roberts and approved unanimously.
  • MOTION to destroy election materials from 2012 by Waldroup, second by many and approved unanimously.
  • MOTION by Tony Simeone that Local 416 and the Indianapolis District researches bringing the Indianapolis Fire Department Fire Prevention Civilian Personnel into Local 416 and that the Executive Board report back at the next month’s General (Friendly amendment adopted unanimously) meeting on their findings and recommendations. Seconded by White.
    • Discussion about the desire of the civilians to have different representation.
    • President explained that there is a process, designated by the Department of Labor, to have representation of employees transferred from one organization, AFSCME in this case, to another, IAFF.
    • Secretary explained that additionally as members of the AFL-CIO we have pledged not to “pirate” other union’s members.
  • PFFUI President Tom Hanify spoke in recognition of exiting Vice President Ron Kautsky’s contributions over his time in office.
    • Special mention made of his expert assistance on numerous contracts not only for IFD but for several other Districts in the Local.
  • Question posed about the Credit Union relocation about whether the Local was selling a prime piece of property to them.
    • President explained that no decisions have been made at present.
    • Credit Union, having regulators, has some requirements and the leasing of land beneath their building may be a problem. An attorney has confirmed this, they must own the land the structure rests on.
    • President explained that the membership will approve a land sale if that is what needs to happen.
      • The Executive Board has discussed the need for 1st Right of Refusal if land is sold.
      • Improvement of the parking lot across St. Clair would be a critical part of any deal.
      • This will likely be done by a Special Meeting.
    • PFFUI President Hanify spoke to the benefits of the Credit Union to the membership and the overlap between that membership and the membership of the Credit Union.
  • MOTION to recess by Roberts, seconded by many and approved unanimously.



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