Indianapolis Fire Department to conduct Home Safety Blitz October 12, 2018

Indianapolis Fire Department to conduct Home Safety Blitz

Initiative strives to educate families on proactive prevention measures
What: Please join us this Friday as the Indianapolis Fire Department conducts a home safety blitz as part of National Fire Prevention Week. This particular blitz will center on the area around IFD Station 15. In 2018 this neighborhood (see area below) experienced 9 residential fires. With assistance from First Alert, Indy American Red Cross and the Citizen’s Alliance for Public Safety, IFD firefighters will go door to door speaking with residents about prevention, escape plans and installing Smoke Alarms in homes that need them. The Smoke Alarms were generously donated by First Alert. Together our number one priority is to provide the education and tools necessary for families to be proactive about fire safety. The smoke alarms being distributed comply with the city ordinance passed in April 2014 of having a 10 year sealed smoke alarm in every home. Anyone who needs a smoke alarm may call the IFD Smoke Alarm Hotline at 317-327-6093. Someone from the Fire and Life Safety Division will assist you in making sure your family has a working smoke alarm installed.

When: Friday October 12, 2018

IFD Station 15
Where: 3502 Prospect St.
Indianapolis, IN 46221


North: Terrace St
South: E. Naomi St.
East: Villa Ave.
West: State Ave.

Time: Blitz will run from 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Parking: IFD Station 15

Notes: Media interested in capturing video or interviews during the blitz should come to the site around 12:30 PM

Representatives from IFD, Indy American Red Cross and Citizen’s Alliance for Public Safety will be on hand and available for comments.

The Indianapolis Fire Department is committed to minimizing and/or eradicating fire related deaths in our service district. The outreach efforts provided by our firefighters, Fire and Life Safety Public Educators and our IFD/IMPD Fire Investigations Section are comprehensive, yet we are always looking for ways to do more and reach more. Chief Ernest Malone’s commitment to providing residents with resources, information and assistance wherever possible is second to none. Through the use neighborhood smoke alarm blitzes, open houses, safety/prevention tables at events, presentations at schools, churches, businesses and community centers, the IFD is working one on one and face to face to combat the issues we encounter with occurrences of preventable and accidental residential fires – too many resulting in death. #KeepItSafeIndy information is always available on our IFD website at #KeepItSafeIndy along with information on how to obtain a working smoke alarm – 317- 327- 6093. Information regarding our Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention program is available at IFD Juvenile Fire Setter Program or at 317-327-3473. This comprehensive program lets parents know how they can help keep their curious children safe from fire. The Survive Alive program, in partnership with Professional Firefighters Local 416, will celebrate its grand re-opening on Oct. 26th after a two year renovation. More information to follow. Since 1996 thousands of children and families have been educated through the Survive Alive program and statistics have shown a marked improvement in child fire related fatalities since then. Simply put – Education works.

Your IFD is concerned about the number of preventable, accidental fires and fire related fatalities – occurring specific to the age group of 50-65. Our current statistics show this to be the most affected age group in the IFD service district. 2015 Data from the U.S. Fire Administration shows fire related deaths in that age group to be at 18.4 % while in our district, in 2015, we showed 33% in that age bracket. Over the last 5 years 2013-2018, we report 30% of our fire related fatalities, occurring in the IFD Service District, to be amongst 50-65 year olds.

Fire Fatalities in the IFD service district now stand at 8 for 2018 with the average age 63. Of these 5 are W/M, 2 W/F, 1 B/F. 6 of the homes had smoke alarms but only 4 were definitively working. 2 of the fatalities occurred in a camper and homeless camp. All 8 of the fatalities were ruled accidental.

We are working to find ways to reach this age group, increase their awareness and provide them with information and resources needed. Accidental and preventable causes include Cooking (Unattended & Grease), Smoking ( In Bed, Improperly Discarded & while on Home Oxygen), Electrical (Overloaded & Damaged Cords), Heating Sources (Space Heaters & Candles) and warming fires (homeless camps and vacant structures). We could use your help with the dissemination of information. Chief Malone encourages all residents to step out and check up on their family and neighbors. If you see something – say something. Let’s help each other #KeepItSafe. A working smoke alarm, knowing two ways out of your home and having a family evacuation plan are the most effective and simple ways to help protect your family.


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