IFD Recognition Ceremony

For those of you unable to make the IFD Recognition Ceremony last night congratulations to ALL  the honorees for their outstanding work in 2017.  Incidents included 11 Fire Rescues,  4 Water Rescues, 1 Extrication Rescue and 4 EMS Rescues, along with 3 IFD Firefighters and 27 civilians, who were recognized for their outstanding contributions in the form of community service or their role on an incident.   In addition to over 772 working structure fires in 2017, IFD firefighters responded to and mitigated incidents that reflected the power of teamwork, the importance of training and the ability to maintain composure under extreme stress. You should be proud.

Highlights from the evening included reuniting several citizens with the first responders that saved their lives such as Nadiah Vargo whose life was saved after firefighters from Engine 53 rescued her from a vicious dog attack and Warren Rosenthal whose life was saved in a dramatic river rescue that earned two Tac 14 C Shift firefighters, Kenny Lang and Matt Ramey, the IFD Medal of Bravery.

Chosen by their peers, the winners of the 2017IFD Peer Leadership are:   A Shift: Engineer Marty Roberts   B Shift: Lieutenant Brian Hammett   C Shift: Engineer Dennis Yohler

Please make sure you take a look at the following video’s produced by Joel Harsin and have a box of Kleenex handy.  They are amazing.

2017 IFD Year in Review https://youtu.be/W611GpHVVLI¬†¬†¬†Through the eyes of a firefighter. 24/7 365 – It’s what we do.

“Just being able to say that’s what I did for a living. I raised a family doing something I love. Waking up in the morning, look forward to going to work and not dreading it”¬†2017 In Memoriam¬†¬†https://youtu.be/ehuuOOQ8C6E

2017 IFD Retirees Video. To all those who served this city and retired in 2017 РTY for your service and congrats on a WELL DESERVED Retirement.  https://youtu.be/77toYur-zBA

Rita L Reith

Battalion Chief ‚Äď Media Relations
Indianapolis Fire Department
955 Ft. Wayne Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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