IFD Recognition Ceremony January 29- 2021

Attached you will find the list and photos of recipients for this year’s IFD Recognition Ceremony.  99 Firefighters, 1 Retiree, 1 Tele-Communicator, 4 Civilians and 3 Physicians were recognized for their efforts during on incidents during 2020.

The awards are listed by date and under each set of names is a very brief description of the incident. Even though we were unable to have an actual ceremony this year – Chief Malone felt it was important to present recipients with their plaque and pin and the committee wholeheartedly agreed.  Over the last 3 days, the recipients received their plaque and took a photo with Chief Malone.  For those not able to make it, your plaque is either at your station or in the shift commanders office. The original date of this year’s banquet was set for today.  Congratulations to all the recipients.

Please use this link to view the highly anticipated, annual IFD 2020 Year in Review video, produced by Lt. Joel Harsin. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-YyGQFP1QFY_1PNTmRuqbw

As a reminder, nominations are now being accepted for the 2021 Fire Police Deputy Sheriff Awards.  You do not need to be an officer to nominate someone in one of the 9 categories. Final date to submit is February 25th.   https://ifdquartermaster.wufoo.com/forms/ifd-recognition-letter/



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