IFD District Update – 19 FEB 2015

[upme_private]Here are some updates after our Labor Management meeting this week along with some others:


The quartermaster has been approved to buy 250 sets of gear. 60 sets will be set aside for the upcoming recruit class, leaving aprox. 190 sets. The gear in disrepair or over 10yrs old will be the top priority for replacement.

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EMS Committee

The IFD EMS Committee is looking for six individuals to join the committee. Any IFD Paramedic or EMT is welcome to submit their name for consideration. We would like this committee to be a diverse group and represent IFD as a whole. The committee reports to Chief Kelley, Chief of EMS, and looks for solutions to Operational, Training, and Equipment issues within the EMS Division. The committee also looks at the future needs of the EMS Division. The committee currently meets on the second Tuesday of every month. If you are interested you can send your request to Lt. Harold Vinson (the chair person) or myself. In the event there are more than six individuals interested, the current committee members will make a recommendation to Chief Kelley on who should join and why. Also the EMS Division is working on getting 60 new monitors and ALS equipment for all houses. The EDO’s have also begun to inspect apparatuses to ensure we have the appropriate equipment and supplies per the state.

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Promotion Process

We are still waiting for the Council to hear the proposed changes to the merit law this month. They then will go to the Public Safety Committee later this month and hopefully return to the Council for a final vote in March. The Chief is hopeful that he can get the process started sometime in March but again this will depend on the Council.

The changes affecting promotions are:

  1. Time in grade:
    • 8 years on the job to go for Lieutenant
    • 11 years on the job to go for Captain (w/ 3 years time in grade)
    • 14 years on the job to go for Chief (w/ 3 years time in grade)
  2. Setting a 3 year limit on the list

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Over Time Committee

The OT committee is finalizing their proposal for changes to OT Policy.

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Honor Flight

Indy Honor Flight will be holding a reverse raffle and spaghetti dinner, on (A Shift) Friday, February 27 from 6:00pm-10:30pm at the Union Hall, to support another IFD Guardian flight this spring. Tickets are $10 and are available at the Union hall or buy them online now.

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Anthem Breach

As you have all probably heard by now there was a data breach at Anthem. This was discussed yesterday at the Health Care Committee Meeting with the city. It is still early in the investigation. The city was informed this did effect personal info but NO medical or credit information was effected nor should there be any impact on coverage. Anthem has set up a toll free number for questions 877-263-7995 or there is a FAQ section on Anthem.com Attached is an email from the city addressing offers from Anthem for credit protection.

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New Nationwide Rep

There is a new Nationwide Rep. His name is Kevin Mitchell and he is taking over for Mike Faulk. We are currently working on getting station visits scheduled. His contact info is: Kevin Mitchell telephone: 1-877-677-3678 email: mitchk9@nationwide.com

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State House

Tom Hanify is watching several Bills. The Marion County Fire Consolidation Bill (HB1478) passed the House and will move to the Senate sometime in March. The State Fire Academy Bill (HB1182) passed out of the House and will be moving to the Senate. The EMS Death Benefit Bill (HB1080) also passed out of the House and will go to the Senate. There are several other bills that effect pensions, but they currently do NOT include us.

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Building Committee

The design sub-committee met and is still working on the final designs. The Financial sub-committee met and reported there will be a special meeting coming up.

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Safety Committee

Ato McTush has been named the new Air Program Manager and Trevor Wilson has been named the new Compliance Officer. Gear Inspections have begun.

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Hiring Process

The process is moving to the interview phase. The Department is looking for people to help with the interviews. They have had 1830 apply 1480 took the test and 1103 will be scheduled for interviews. 250 will go to take the CPAT with the goal to hire 30-35 this year and 30-35 next year. The BFA will be hosting two study sessions for the upcoming interviews that are part of the Hiring Process. They are on (A Shift) February 24 and (B Shift) February 25 at 6:30 pm. All are welcomed to attend. These are at the BFA which is located at the old Station 31.

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Upcoming Events

  • BFA Interview Study session at  BFA HQ (Old Station 31)
    (A) Tuesday, February 24, 6:30pm
    (B) Wednesday, February 25, 6:30pm
  • Honor Flight Fundraiser Dinner at the Union Hall
    (A) Friday, February 27, 6pm-10:30pm
  • St. Patrick’s Day at the Union Hall
    (A) Tuesday, March 17 (all day)
  • Nationwide Service Day at the Union Hall
    (B) Tuesday, March 24, 9am-4pm
    (C) Wednesday, March 25, 9am-4pm
    (A) Thursday, March 26, 9am-4pm
  • IFD Dist Meeting at the Union Hall
    (B) Tuesday, March 24, 7pm
    (C) Wednesday, March 25, 9am

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That’s it for now. As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me or call the Hall.
-District President: Hank Harris – Lieutenant – Squad 10 – A Shift
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