Committee Volunteers Needed!

If you are interested in being on any of the following committees, please contact Tim Gallagher or Paul Cloyd at the Hall. Committee volunteers will be selected by committee chairs and must be members in good standing, Retirees may sit on some of these committees,If interested contact us!

Buildings And Grounds Committee

Oversite and planning of Local 416 buildings and grounds. Responsible for daily, and annual maintenance oversite, building projects, capital improvement, organization of volunteer cleanup activities.
Works with Executive board in establishing 3-5 year plan for facility and site improvement.
Meeting Requirements- Monthly and increased as needed do to project needs

Constitution and By-laws

Review and implementation of current and proposed Constitution and By-law changes as brought about from either the membership or from the IAFF

Meeting Requirement- As needed per Change or notification from executive board

Education Committee

Planning of Local education and development opportunities for the membership, and districts for the upcoming 1-3-5-year cycle.
Develop training resources, curriculums, and networks to provide both hands on and presentation-based education beneficial to promote professional fire, Ems and communication.
Chairman will appoint stakeholder from all districts to committee

Meeting requirement- Monthly

Election Committee

Responsible for the election of officers throughout the local and districts.
Committee is Responsible for the following:
Delivering Election boxes to voting sites and retrieving after election , staffing of sites, Payment of site staff at completion of election cycle. coordination of advertisement of election with main office.

Meeting Requirement- Meeting set by Chairman 1 month prior to start of election cycle, and then as determined by committee chair.

Health and Safety*
The IAFF Department currently provides an array of services and programs to ensure that the health and safety of fire fighters and emergency medical providers are properly and adequately addressed. The Department also coordinates and manages internal and external activities relating to behavioral health, wellness and member support issues.
OUR Committee is responsible for review of districts health and safety policies and how they affect the membership

Meeting Requirement – Determined by the Chairman

Human Relations *
Committee is tasked with developing and recommending policies to foster positive human relations and to provide technical assistance to affiliates on minority issues ranging from workplace discrimination to pregnancy policies.

Meeting Requirement – Monthly set by Chairman

Member Services*
This committee is responsible for oversite of the union store, front office, union social events, hall rental.

Meeting as required by Chairman

This committee is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of our owned and borrowed existing historical artifacts, acquisition, and the documentation of new pieces for the Museum. The committee will oversee the museum manager.
The Committee will develop a 3-5 year plan for the museum.

Meetings – Bi- monthly set by Chairman

PAC committee will determine political action direction at Local level.
PAC committee is appointed by Executive Board

Meetings as required during political cycle

Chaired by Executive Secretary and split into 2 events
Open house- Chaired by Vice President Committee will assist with event planning and staffing, setup of event , operation during event, and clean up and tear down.

FDIC show- Chaired by Secretary, Committee will assist with setup, staffing, and tear down of convention center operation

Meeting – Scheduled by Chairman

Grievance Committee – The group of union representatives which reviews grievances that remain unresolved at the lower levels of the grievance procedure.
This committee will set forth the following :
Grievance Procedure – A method of dealing with a complaint made by an individual or by a union or employer which allows the work place to contin- ue operating without interruption. The procedure generally provides for efforts to resolve the grievance at progressively higher levels of employer authority with arbitration typically being the last step.

Meetings will be at the Discretion of the Chairman

Community Service
Responsible for the Planning of community service events through out all the districts of the local. Including but not limited to: Park cleanup, Peace walk, Community cook out, Public safety days or events.
Meetings Monthly

We would love to have your help!

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