Building Project Presentation


As everyone is aware we have been working on a proposal for expanding the Union Hall and doing some renovations to make the current space work with the change.  We will have a Special Meeting on September 2nd, at 0900hrs and 1800hrs, September 3rd at 0900hrs and September 4th at 0900hrs to discuss and vote on the proposed changes.

Here is the PowerPoint Presentation link from the Building Project Presentation.  Although this is only an outline of the discussion held during the informational meetings it will give all our Members an overview of the concept and process.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions and if you would like to have someone come out to the station to discuss the concept we can do that as well, just contact the Hall and we’ll get someone out.

This is a large concept and we want to assure that everyone has the chance to have their questions answered, their voice heard and the opportunity to cast their vote regarding it.




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