IFD District Update September 29, 2015


There was no Labor Management or IFD Dist. Meeting. Below are some updates from the past two weeks.

  • Glove committee:A committee has been formed to look at our fire gloves. It has been some time since we have taken a look at our gloves and there has been some issues with getting them from the supplier. We felt now was a good time to look and re-evaluate them. The committee had their first meeting and is currently gathering information and data from several glove manufacturers.
  • Insurance:This is a reminder 2016 PEHP Declaration and HSA declaration forms were sent out earlier this week and must turned in no later than Friday October 23rd. You can put up to 2 days (48hrs) in your HSA, and 4 days (96hrs) in your PEHP. You must have a full bank (13days/312hrs) to put days in your PEHP. I have attached the forms as well.

There was an increase in premiums for next year. Advantage HMO and CDHP increase by just 8%, Anthem CDHP increased by 10.6%. Anthem increased more due to them changing to an embedded deductible which was part of the Affordable Care Act. The embedded deductible could also be a savings to the employee.

Open enrollment will be the last two weeks of October and will be a passive enrollment. This means you will only need to enroll if you wish to make changes. If you have a High Deductible Plan you will need to declare the amount of additional funds you want deducted from your check if you choose to. We will get the spread sheet to assist you in determining how much you can have deducted out soon, as we did last year.

  • Promotion Process:Scoring for the Assessment Phase should be done this week. As stated earlier in a previous email from Chief Krebsbach, the scores will go out to be validated, and after that the scores should be out around October 9th, with the challenge session are tentatively scheduled for October 12-16. Chief Malone plans to make promotions at the Merit Board meeting scheduled for October 28.
  • Fire Ops 101:Local 416 hosted a Fire Ops 101 class for some of the elected officials in our area. This was a great event and gave those who attended just a taste of what we do every day. They went through 4 evolution; EMS, Vehicle Extrication, Ladder Ops, and Engine Ops. They wore full turnout gear including SCBA, climbed an aerial to the roof of the training tower, did a search in zero visibility, and did a live fire scenario. These are the people who help decide our budget and approve our contract. I want thank all of those who came out and helped the Local with this event: Engine 30 A-Shift, Ladder 10 A-Shift, Capt. Jim King, Lt. Jake Kocher, Pvt. Julie Fergusson and Retiree Brendan Canaday. We also had help from IEMS and other surrounding fire departments. If you helped and I missed you I apologize, and please let me know.
  • Changes to the Constitution and By-Laws:Changes to the Constitution and By-Laws will be proposed at the October General Meeting. Per the Constitution and By-Laws The proposed changes will be read at each of the next two District meetings, and no comments, question or vote will be in order. Then they will be discussed and decided on at the October General Meeting.

Also at the next General Meeting in October nominations will be held. The positions that are up for election this year will be Local Vice President, Local Treasurer, two of the At-Large Trustees, District Presidents in Pike, Speedway, Beech Grove, and the Airport and District Trustees in Indianapolis, IEMS, City of Lawrence, Decatur, Wayne and Communications. Nominations will be taken at the October General Meeting, October 20th and 21st. As a reminder, YOU MUST BE NOMINATED AT ONE OF THESE MEETINGS TO STAND FOR ELECTION. Any member in good standing may nominate a member for Local office and any member from the Executive Board or member of the District may nominate members for District office.

  • Building Project: Work has resumed on the parking lot. There was a problem with the surveying of the lot which caused a delay in the completion of the parking lot, but it will be useable by the time of Reading of the Names.

We are currently talking with banks in regards to the building expansion project now. We will continue to keep everyone informed as construction begins.

  • Work Groups:The work groups will be coming out in October 12 and must be returned by October 23. There were some changes due to the Arson Investigators being removed from suppression. Vacation calling will be held on November 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th
  • New Overtime Policy:The office is currently working on running an offline trial of the new proposed OT policy (one list). This is to find any issues there maybe prior to doing a live trial. After the offline trial we will meet and discuss what, if any, issues occurred and how to fix those issues. After that is when the “live” trial can begin.
  • Breast cancer Shirts: Cancer Awareness T Shirt are in and are $15. PA portion of the proceeds will go to the IU Cancer Center and Firefighters Cancer Support Network. See attachment.


Wednesday October 7th @ 10am Reading of the Names Hall
Saturday October 10 @ 6pm IFD vs IMPD Basketball Game Marian University
Thursday October 15 Retirees’ Lunch Hall
Tuesday October 20 @ 7pm General Union Meeting Hall
Wednesday October 21 @ 9am General Union Meeting Hall
Tuesday October 20-Sunday October 25 World Burn Conference Marriott



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