2016 Battle of the Badges – IFD vs IMPD

On Tuesday, July 19, 2016, IFD will take on IMPD for the 2016 Battle of the Badges: IFD v. IMPD Softball game at Victory Field.  The game starts promptly at 5:15 pm and purchasing a ticket using the website below will get you access to the Battle of the Badges softball game as well as the Indians v. Lehigh Valley baseball game afterward.

Bring your friends and family, and enjoy watching the battle between Indy’s Bravest and Indy’s Finest!

You can also purchase the official Battle of the Badges t-shirt or hat on the link below.  Proceeds help the Indy Public Safety Foundation support needs of IFD and IMPD.

Visit impdvifd.eventbrite.com to secure your tickets or swag today!  With questions, contact Dane Nutty at dane@indypsf.org or 317-327-7067.


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