2015 Marion County Election Results

The 2015 elections provided some surprises but as you can see the Local 416 PAC endorsements performed quite well.  The Indianapolis District had 17 of their 20 endorsements win election, in Lawrence three of their six endorsements were successful including electing a Republican mayor with the help of several labor Unions and Beech Grove was successful in their endorsement of our Brother Dennis Buckley for reelection giving them a 100% success rate!  As we all know, elections have consequences and we all need to be certain to vote every election to help assure candidates that we endorse are elected and will not only accept our advice in their decision making but will seek it.  The only way to assure that is to be able show politicians that we have the best interests of the citizens and the candidates in our hearts AND that we can bring the candidates votes in their elections.  Great work to all who were involved and a special congratulations to Lawrence District President Andy Ambers and his team for their upset win bringing a victory home for Lawrence Mayor-elect Steve Collier!

L416 Election Endorsement Results


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