2015 IFD PAC Endorsements


Indianapolis Political Action Committee

2015 Endorsements

The following list represents the recommended endorsements of the IFD PAC Committee that were discussed and voted at the IFD PAC Meeting July 21st and 22nd of 2015.

Mayor of Indianapolis                    Joe Hogsett

City-County Council

  1. LeRoy Robinson
  2. Kip Tew
  3. Pamela Hickman
  4. Mike McQuillen
  5. Jeff Coats
  6. Neutral
  7. Joe Simpson
  8. Monroe Gray
  9. Duke Oliver
  10. Maggie Lewis
  11. Vop Osili
  12. Blake Johnson
  13. Neutral
  14. La Keisha Jackson
  15. Marylyn Pfisterer
  16. Jeffery Miller
  17. Zack Adamson
  18. Neutral
  19. Ben Hunter
  20. Neutral
  21. Neutral
  22. Neutral
  23. Scott Kreider
  24. Neutral
  25. Aaron Freeman



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