2015 Elections

As everyone is likely aware we were scheduled to begin absentee voting Monday at the Hall to fill the 2016 At-Large-Trustee positions.  Yesterday Brother Matt Ervin, who was one of the candidates, contacted me and asked to be removed from the ballot.  I would like to thank Brother Ervin for his work on behalf of Local 416 and its Members and ask that everyone thank him for his service when they see him.

This left three candidates for the three open positions.  As a result we do not have any contested races and the At-Large-Trustee positions will be filled by the remaining candidates.  Accordingly, the Election Committee has canceled the absentee voting and site voting.  Thank you to all who volunteered to help with the process and congratulations to all those that will serve on the Local 416 Executive Board.

Please congratulate Brother Jon Helrigel on his reelection and Brothers Mark Roberts and Derrick Williams on their election.

The 2016 Local 416 Executive Board will be:


President Mike Reeves
Vice President Scott Williams
Secretary Lance Langsford
Treasurer Jason Hansman
Airport President Brian Booth
Airport Trustee Bill Cline
Beech Grove President Paul Cloyd
Beech Grove Trustee TBD
City Lawrence President Andy Ambers
City Lawrence Trustee Brian Farmer
Communication President Tracey Fulton
Communication Trustee Kim Sims
Decatur President Scott Johnson
Decatur Trustee Brad Jewell
IEMS President Garrett Hedeen
IEMS Trustee Tom Smith
Indianapolis President Hank Harris
Indianapolis Trustee Corey Arnold
Pike Twp. President Joel Rickard
Pike Twp. Trustee Jim Boros
Speedway President Mike Loviscek
Speedway Trustee James Bose
Wayne Twp. President Chris Poteet
Wayne Twp. Trustee Johnny Balding
At Large Trustee Vicki Morr
At Large Trustee Derrick Williams
At Large Trustee Jon Helrigel
At Large Trustee Mark Roberts
Maintenance Shawn Cross
Retiree Representative Joe Olofson
4th District  Vice-President Bonnie Hensley
4th District Trustee Al Wood
PFFUI  President Tom Hanify


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